Dear Michael,

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for our guide/tour operator in Bhutan, Mr. Chenda Dorji. He and his team were highly effective in delivering an extremely enjoyable and memorable trip for my entire family. Chenda took care of every detail from the moment we landed until the moment we left. (He was even able to rebook our Druk air ticket when we missed our connecting flight.) He personally checked each hotel room room for us and called ahead to restaurants to request our children's favorite foods. Chenda's english is excellent and his explanations and descriptions of the sites and Bhutanese history was very informative.

His team is very responsive to any email inquiries and requests. He can  work directly with Aman and Como Hotels and could easily handle any of your VIP clients. Chenda would be an asset to the smart flyer team and can be reached at or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All the best,


Dr. David Weinstein

Specialist in Periodontics and Dental Implants

My family life time Journey to Tiger Nest and I were lucky enough to have Chenda as a tour guide this  past March in Bhutan.  Though the country itself was enoughalt to inspire  and entertain us for the entirely of our 7 days there, Chenda was a huge part of  the success of the trip.  From the get go, Chenda went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and supplied with  everything we could possibly need.

In addition to that, he was a fanatic companion and tour guide, supplying us with endless  information about his country and heritage.  As the trip went on,  Chenda began to tell us more about his family and daily life in a result of this, we got more than the basic tour  information as we were really able to learn more about the beautiful  reality of life in Bhutan vs just the tourist highlights.  In short,  our week with Chenda was absolutely fantastic.  We left the week  inspired but sad to leave a new friend.  It is our hope that we will  return to Bhutan in the next few years and if we do, Chenda will be  the first person to know about it as we wouldn't dream of visiting  Bhutan without Chenda!
Regards from all of us,
Alana, Larry, Dan, and Maya

Dear Chenda,

Thank you very very much for being such a fantastic guide during our trip to your beautiful country!

Your depth of knowledge on all the relevant subjects, as well as your skill to explain it to your audience is really amazing. I will surely look for a guide like you in my future visits. You surely have made the trip a meaningful one.

Taufiq Zahidur Rahman
Kaliakoir, Gazipur 1751, Bangladesh


I'm back to Hong Kong, with my heart still in Bhutan, recalling all the beautiful scenery and wonderful people of Bhutan. The happiness I've got from this trip is  beyond my expectation.  Besides the fine weather, the beautiful scenery, the organic healty food and the friendly Bhutan people, I am deeply impressed by the passion of Chenda and his colleagues.  He tried his best to provide us comfortable hotels, authentic Bhutan food, and a tour programme that brings us a very enjoyable experience in Bhutan.

I feel grateful for the fine weather, to meet the King, to see the 4-leaf Clover, to meet lovely children and students, to meet Chenda and his brothers and sisters, and to have a group of wonderful members. This second trip is really wonderful, a trip that I would never forget in my life.

You are a wonderful tourist guide with a strong passion to give all of us a very happy and memorable journey.  You know what we like and design a very good itinerary for us. I like the stories you told us.  You sing very well, you should sing more for your future trips.

All the group members told me that they had a wonderful time in Bhutan and they enjoyed the trip very much.

Thanks for giving us such a happy trip!

Elaine Kwan, Hong Kong

So much thank to Chenda Dorji and driver Phuntsho for our time here in Bhutan. From the moment they met us at the airport they have been wonderful hosts. We feel that they went above and beyond what is usually expected. We have been impressed by their knowledge and entertaining local stories.

Thank you again, we had an enlightening trip to Bhutan.

Mr. + Mrs.Hall


It’s a pleasure to have you as my tour guide in Bhutan a week ago.  Speaking very good English, you have lots of knowledge of Bhutan history and information.

Moreover, you are quite kind, having service minded, not pushing.   I shared pictures of Bhutan to my friends.  Many of them are interested in visiting Bhutan.  Of course, I will strongly recommend them. I myself also would like to visit Bhutan again, but next trip I should go during either the period of Thimphu or Paro festival.  Keep your standard quality and services. 

Thank you once more…awesome and Fabulous!