Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel the founder of Bhutan in 17th century created a nation with unique custom and tradition. Indeed, Bhutan today proudly enjoys the rich culture heritage intact and well preserved under the noble principle of gross national happiness. Many outsiders will truly enjoy and experience the age old traditions and livelihood. As you visit the villages spread around the country you will find yourself taken back by hundred years.

Bhutan Cultural Tour plan includes traveling by vehicle through beautiful countryside with optional walks and day hikes to visit temples, monasteries, and villages. The tour also includes visits to museums, handicraft shops, and weekend markets. Indeed Cultural tour plans are an excellent way to meet people and experience the country's rich culture.

During the tour you will stay in hotels and resorts that are above 3-star rated by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. However, overnight stays at farm houses can also be arranged. The cultural tour is not as demanding as trekking the mountains of Bhutan. If our guests so desire, the Bhutan cultural tour can be combined with trekking tours, include day hikes, overnight camps and can coincide with Bhutan festival events. The cultural tour can be made more fun by including bicycles rides down the gentle slope of the many passes and by undertaking swift white river rafting.  We can customize the tour according to your travel interest. For Festival dates, please check our Festival pages. Listed below are some popular cultural tour plans.