Chenda Dorji, the founder of Lonely Bhutan Tours and Trek, is from Paro and comes from families that have lived their life on high mountains herding livestock. As it is in his blood, there is no trek in Bhutan that Chenda has not completed. Of all the treks, snow man trek and Laya Gasa trek are Chendas favorite. He is also a good cultural tour guide. He has bachelor degree in commerce from sherubtse college the country’s renowned college and holds various certificate of tour guiding and operation course conducted by Tourism council of Bhutan. Despite his ability to speak many languages he has vast knowledge on Bhutan history and culture, Buddhism and iconography, flora and fauna, and Bhutanese life and activities in particular.

With this big experience and great interest in tourism business Chenda has ventured to come up with his own travel agency, Lonely Bhutan Tours and Trek that can bring big difference in tours and travel in Bhutan.

Nima Chencho, Managing Partner:  Mr. Nima comes from Paro and is holder of bachelor degree in Business and Arts from India. He also holds various certificate of guiding course and tour  conducted by Tourism council  of Bhutan. Since the inception of Lonely Bhutan Tours and travel business Mr. Nima has emensly contributed both in technical and field development of the company. Particularly Mr. Nima has great passion in bird watching and botanical tour. His ability to ididentfy many bird speceies simply by listining to call of the birds song has been amazed by many. Mr.Nima is also no less expert in Buddhism and knowledge of the country. By all means he is a great tour leader and has led several important group so far.

Mr.Chencho Nidup, a veteran Trekking leader: Mr. Chencho comes from a nomadic family in Paro and after finishing his studies from high school took up trekking course with Tourism council of Bhutan and has become a trekking guide. He has been working with Lonely Bhutan Tours since 2010 and manages trekking plans and conducts potential trekking route survey in the country. His ability to narrate many local legendary stories and compatible companion with his clients on tour has brought great credibility in the tourism industry.

Mr. Chencho also holds cultural tour guide license and possess great knowledge in country’s life and activities including deep Buddhism Knowledge.

Upcoming Festivals

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