Why Lonely Bhutan Tours?

Good question. Hundreds of companies sell adventure packages. So, what makes us different? Or What is unique about us that should attract you to explore Bhutan with us?

Well, there are some unique facts about us, which we believe are our strengths in this area of service.
One, the owners of Lonely Bhutan Tours and Trek are also the guides who will take visitors around to explore Bhutan, be it cultural exploration by chauffeur-driven 4-wheel vehicles or trekking across mountains, forests, parks and rural villages. Since the company belongs to them, the guides naturally want to uphold their company’s principles, so you can expect the best service.

Two, the owners/guides of Lonely Bhutan Tours and trek are not hi-fi urban-bred lots who have little knowledge about the wilderness of Bhutan. We hail from a family that has been nomadic cattle herders for generations and still continue to be. Perhaps this is where our edge over others really is in this sector. Our in-born knowledge and skills about the people and their surroundings like mountains, forests, meadows, lakes, rural villages and so on are unsurpassed. With us as your guide, you are not only in safe hands, but you will get to explore beyond your expectations. We have the access to nomadic people’s homes, huts; you could even be waking up in a cattle herder’s tent; we know where some mysterious ancient castles lie in ruins; and being herders, we have our own horses and mules to rely on for any trekking expeditions at any time. For most in the business, arranging horses is a major hurdle. The staffs including cooks, porters and horsemen are all our family members and relatives.

Three, we sincerely observe Responsible Tourism practices, and our policies are guided by the principles for Economic Responsibility, social Responsibility, and environmental Responsibility.  We always try to be the role models for those around us and hope that our principles can bring awareness and good changes.

Four, our Experience is our biggest Assets: the difference that we make from others is ‘ we have been to all the places that we are selling as part of our tour package”. There is accuracy and true happening of the description we write.
Therefore, Travel to Bhutan with Lonely Bhutan Tours and explore a tradition and culture that has been preserved through centuries. We style our tour package,as being in Bhutan is not about seeing a showcased tourist product but living and sharing an experience with the Bhutanese from religious festivals to a celebration in a farm house or taking participation in an archery game.

Lonely Bhutan Tours offer packages ranging form one person to any size of group with complete customization. Most people have the wrong notion that it is expensive to visit Bhutan because they believe the government set tariff covers just royalty fee. It covers a lot more. Therefore, for a daily set tariff package, we will provide for you:

• A chauffeur-driven four-wheel SUV for transportation
• An English speaking guide
•Accommodation in 4 star and above hotels/resorts/home stays
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Fees to museums, monuments, parks etc
• Your daily royalty (tax) to Government of Bhutan
• Cultural Show
• Airport pick-up and drop

The TCB (Tourism Council of Bhutan) will continue to hold the money you have sent for your tour until your trip has taken place. It will not be released to Lonely Bhutan Tours and Trek “until you have left the country on your return flight. This provides you with the security of knowing that your money is safe until your holiday takes place. If for any reason the trip doesn’t take place, then the government will not give your money to Lonely Bhutan Tours and Trek, but will return it to you (subject to any cancellation charges which apply if you have cancelled the trip). So, in the unlikely event that we do not run your trip for you, you would not be out of pocket.

Thus having cleared a major doubt in your mind, we would like to say that if you are planning to visit Bhutan, travel with us and explore Bhutan’s nature and culture with unforgettable sense of home-away-from-home feeling. Because we believe that when it comes to showing visitors around to explore Bhutan, be it cultural tour, walking, trekking, wildlife exploration or anthropological tours, we are the best due to our background. Take a look at some sample tour packages we have developed for you. We offer tours and travel packages that will suit every kind of visitor’s needs. Click on our Packages to see how the sample packages suit your preferences, and if you are unsure, please Contact us and let us custom-make a trip via email, using the Festival dates as a cue and injecting some special features (such as sleeping, eating or migrating with Bhutan’s nomadic pastoralists which only we can provide, as far as we know.

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